My Top Three Organization Tips For You

Have you ever been so busy that everyday you come home, throw stuff down and don't remember where you put what? As a person with a busy schedule I CAN RELATE! Sooo........LMHY!

2)We All Have Busy Days, But On The Days Your Free There Is Something To Do....CLEAN THAT UP!

Some would view the concept of organization as a form of stress-relief for the simple reason that it's less stressful when you are able to find what you need at the time that you need it.
On the days your free, set some time aside and ask yourself what area of your home do you need to clean and fix up. Whatever that designated area is, turn on your favorite tunes, take everything out, organize them into groups and place them in an area where you can remember where you put them.
Try your best to keep what you have taken the time out to organize on those busy days to avoid constant major clean-up. Good maintenance over what you have will need less work in the long run.
A Side Note: It helps to make a short list of the new home you designated for your items around the house so you don't forget. 


1) Create a Game Plan Daily!

In order to stay on task with what you have to do throughout the day, it would be best to keep a written or typed list of what must be done, what you need to make time for, events etc. Keep those things in one place that you know you will monitor.
If something is that important to you, you will make time for it, keep it in your memory bank and follow through with your commitments.
What's The Best Way To Do That?

Make use of a Planner or Task organizer app
*My personal recommendation is Trello. *It has a smartphone and desktop version, contains a tutorial, helpful features and another place you can keep track of notes 
(There are other apps available for free)

3) Put All Your Passwords In One Place!

From personal experience, sometimes you will forget a password or two. To avoid constantly pressing the "I forgot my password" button, make a note somewhere and keep ALL of your passwords in one place: Write down what the password is accessing whether its an app, combination lock etc, Write down exactly how you spelled it to avoid incorrect passwords and being locked out of accounts and keep them somewhere safe where no one can easily access it but you..