L.M.H.Y! (Let Me Help You)

Over the years I have spent a lot of time figuring out the formula to these things. All of the recommendations listed below work for me and everyone I know!

My Challenge To You : Nature is your friend, Be Consistent & Drink at least 80 oz of water a day!

There are a variety of different excercises and workouts for different problem areas that are out there. I have compiled a list of what are some of the best ways to do cardio and hit those problem areas to tone up! 
We all are anatomically the same but the way our bodies react to stimuli can vary. Therefore everyone's body is different. Despite the borderline  oxymoron,  getting rid of unwanted pounds takes dedication and the right foods that have the highest nutritional value. After doing some research in nutrition, I have a few plans on hand! 
Regardless of sex, hair texture or hair type our bodies are exposed to harsh chemicals all day. Natural ingredients are KEY! Some good vitamins for hair growth are vitamins B,C, and eE, biotin, keratin, and omega-3 oils. Plant based supplements are the best and I happen to know of one that includes all the essentials.
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*More Will Be Uploaded Soon* 
There is one good app that I HIGHLY reccomend you make use of especially around the holidays!! Don't get sucked into fancy looking overpriced deals and end up wasting money. Take my advice, conserve as much as you can and put it into your savings!